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My name is Phill Curr and I'm a Master Mindset Coach and licensed in Clinical Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Brisbane, Australia.

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Mindset Coaching


  • 80% of success is mindset.
  • Your mind runs your business.
  • Train your mind to create the business success you want. 
  • Mindset Coaching is the psychological advantage that all major corporations have.This is the advantage they don’t like to tell people about.
  • Your unconscious beliefs, values, decisions and behaviours will be causing your business to suffer, NOT the financial market OR your customers OR an unfair world.
  • If you control your mind you control your success.
  • For Counselling, Life Coaching, Business coaching & Therapy.

Time Line Therapy ©


  • Time line Therapy is one of the world's most powerful tools for releasing past negative emotions.
  • Changing limiting decisions and beliefs to create a happier more stable life.
  • Used to relieve sadness & depression, physical ailments, TRAUMA, creating future goals and changing how you experience life day to day.
  • For Business Coaching, Counselling, Therapy & Trauma relief.



  • Psych-K is a little known powerful psychological device that creates a whole brain state, which your mind is constantly striving to achieve.
  • Allowing you to alter internal feelings, beliefs and behaviours.
  • A device you can take and use anywhere in virtually any situation to create any psychological state you wish easily and effortlessly.
  • Giving you the advantage of self-control and life-control.
  • For Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Counselling & Therapy.

NLP & Hypnotherapy


  • Hypnotherapy & NLP Change how your unconscious mind works & changes how you perform in life.
  • If you are not getting what you want or desire in life, it is your unconscious mind tripping you up.
  • Change patterns of behaviour and get the life you deserve.
  • For Therapy, Counselling, Business Coaching, Life coaching, trauma therapy.

Is Your Business as successful as you want?

Your Business needs a Mindset Coach

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